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  • Does the Slumber Guard Anti-snoring Device really work?

Doctors actually prescribe a professionally made device that uses exactly the same principles as Slumber Guard.  However the cost of that device can be more than $1,600

Slumber Guard is a cheaper, faster alternative.

  • What if the Slumber Guard doesn't stop my snoring?
Slumber Guard is effective for throat airway obstructive snoring.  In the event that the Slumber Guard does not work for you, and you've followed all the instructions correctly, then it is likely that you may be suffering from further complications such as obstructive sleep apnea.  
If your snoring symptoms persist then you need to see your doctor for further advice.
  • Can I use it as a replacement therapy for my CPAP Machine?
Slumber Guard is not intended to replace any of your doctor prescribed therapies and should not be used as an ongoing replacement for your CPAP Machine.
However, Slumber Guard can be used as an EMERGENCY or BACK UP DEVICE for those using CPAP in the event that the machine is broken; or if there is no electricity available.  
This may not be suitable for all users of CPAP Machines and you must first consult with your doctor regarding suitability of the product in your personal instance.
  • Does it come in different sizes?
Slumber Guard is conveniently a 'one size fits all' device.
The material is extremely flexible when it is heated during fitting so that it can accommodate a very wide range of mouth sizes.
  • Do I need to be within a certain age group to use Slumber Guard?
You must be 16yrs and over to use Slumber Guard as prior to this age the jaw is still developing.  This is to avoid issues with the temporal mandibular joint.
  • Can I use Slumber Guard if I have a dramatic over/underbite?
You must have normal jaw positioning to use Slumber Guard.  It is not recommended for use by those with dramatic over/underbites.
  • I have dentures - can I use the Slumber Guard?
In order to use Slumber Guard you will need to sleep with your dentures in.
Further - you must also have:
1) healthy gums
2) firmly fitted dentures
You must cease using Slumber Guard if you receive any soreness or discomfort from using the device.
  • Where can I buy Slumber Guard?
Slumber Guard is available in more than 372 pharmacies across Australia.  
Please click here for your local stockist.  You can also buy Slumber Guard from this site online.
  • How long does delivery take?
All online orders are processed immediately and are dispatched through our shipping provider the next working day ex Melbourne.
  • I am an Australian Pharmacist and would like to stock your product - what's the next step?
All new stockists are handled and trained directly by Slumber Guard, with several payment methods available including Sigma and API accounts.
  • I am an Overseas Pharmacist / Distributor who would like to stock your product who can I contact?
Slumber Guard is expanding into New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland and South Africa during 2014 and we are interested in receiving submissions from those with experience in marketing medical devices to pharmacies in those countries and others.

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